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do you ever realize that you are literally too tired to move but you need to put away your cheese and crackers and wash your face and brush your teeth and take your medicine but… even typing this is hard because all your muscles are like “bedtime, asshole”?

oh my God you're in the Marauders fanfilm? This has made me so happy I can't even explain it I AM SO EXCITED HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY YOU FANTASTIC HUMAN asked by gallifreyisfallingnomore

thank you! This put the biggest smile across my silly, worn-out face. Yes, I’m Marlene! I couldn’t be more excited. When I was 9 I was devestated that someone else had been cast as Hermione and now I’m getting to be a part of a Harry Potter film made by and for fans. It’s incredible. 


  • I need it to be the weekend rn
  • because 1) I’m tired and need some extra sleep but also 2) I need to do some major cleaning if I’m gonna start showing my apartment.
  • Today I had a phone conversation with Audrey about Philadelphia and I’m excited. The fall is going to be wonderful. We’re gonna have potlucks and cats and a dog and friends and occasional trips to New York.
  • I’m excited about home as well. I was talking with my mom and we’ve both agreed that coming home is the “next step” and not a step backwards. Because I did a great thing by coming here, getting a job, an apartment etc etc. And I’m not going home forever, just for a few months. I just need a little jump start before my next adventure. A little break at home with my family.
  • The way I see it- I’m collecting life experiences. I’m moving about, trying on different versions of me. It’s kind of romantic, almost. I moved to a brand new city, where I knew no one. Stayed for 8 months (well, 9 months by the time I leave), moved. Started over in a new city a few months later. Hell, maybe in another year I’ll have moved again (I don’t really want to but hey, who knows). 
  • I’m even trying to look at my job as a fun facet of my identity; I get to stab people with needles for a living and take their blood. That’s pretty odd and cool.
  • Speaking of which, I have to go to work now.

I’ll seriously fight anyone who says shit about Ron Weasley.